My babysitter's a vampire.

Can you see that look in my eyes? Can you see my white skinn?You can see that i'm hungry. I'm hungry and I want your blood. You have 2 choices. 1, you can run. But don't forget that i'm a vampire and i can run faster than you. 2, stay here and become a vampire with me. I don't have time for this so choice. But do it fast, oh what am i saying? I'm a vampire. I live FOREVER. Don't you want to live forever? All you need to do is to stay here with me, let me bite you and then you bite another human. That's all you need to do. Simple, isn't it?
Kanske några felstavning och sånt men w/e.
Och till rubriken, kollade nyss på "My babysitter's a vampire" på disney channel. Sjukt bra var den! 
Brukar inte gilla filmer men den var faktiskt bra. :o


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